• Half the vehicles need one….

  • VERSION 2.0 - tighter clips, longer slides, and a larger edition!

    Now, for SMALL/MIDSIZE vehicles— VERSION 2.0! We tightened the clip so it grips your visor stronger. Two Versions to choose from:The SMALL/MIDSIZE ...
  • Come see Visor Buddy at the Tampa Bay times Holiday Market (11/19-11/20)

      Looking forward to seeing all the Christmas shoppers! Visor Buddy’s for all!
  • What is the size of your Visor GAP?

    LARGE or the SMALL/MIDSIZE version? Hmmm…..
  • Why are visor extenders so important?

    Why are visor extenders so important?

    Safety is the bottom line with visor extenders. One may feel that blocking sun or eliminating the annoyance factor as being the most important issue, but lessening accidents should trump inconvenience or discomfort. Because accidents lead to deaths. And visor extenders lessen accidents.