The Distinction Between Effective and Ineffective Polarized Sunglasses

When driving in sunny conditions, the quality of polarized lenses makes a significant difference. I'll illustrate the contrast between high and low-quality lenses.  While I'm savvy about stretching my dollar in certain areas, one aspect I don't compromise on is polarized sunglasses. 

Understanding the Method:

Polarized lenses are not simply tinted; they serve as specialized lenses that reduce glare, particularly on horizontal surfaces like roads and water. Unlike what the name implies, "polarized" lenses are actually filters that permit only one kind of light based on their orientation.


Identifying a Good Polarized Lens:

To comprehend the method, it's essential to understand how polarized lenses function. Vertical light is perceived as glare by our eyes, and polarized lenses filter this unorganized light by only allowing one kind. 


How Polarized Lenses Are Manufactured:

A special film is applied to sunglass lenses, consisting of a chemical compound with molecules aligned like blinds on a window. This alignment creates a microscopic filter blocking light waves oriented in the same direction. It's crucial to note that not all filters are made equally, and a poor manufacturing process can lead to uneven alignment, resulting in an ineffective reduction of glare.


A Simple Test for Polarized Lenses:

A reliable polarized lens should uniformly block all vertical light. Testing two polarized lenses, oriented evenly with each other, should allow light to pass through. However, when one lens is turned 90 degrees, there should be a complete blackout.


High-Quality Polarized Lenses:

A high-quality polarized lens, when tested, allows light to pass through when oriented evenly and creates a blackout when turned 90 degrees.


Low-Quality Polarized Lenses:

Conversely, low-quality polarized lenses fail to uniformly filter all vertical light. When tested, there is no noticeable change when the lens is turned 90 degrees.



Regardless of the brand, the performance of gear matters most. The effectiveness of sunglasses can be confirmed through practical use and measurable tests. Choosing high-quality lenses not only enhances your vision but also protects your eyes, ensuring you don't miss out on important details during your activities in bright conditions.

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