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Meet the Founder

The Founder of Visor Buddy Andrew Orr


Hailing from Columbus, Mississippi and shaped by life in the Deep South, Andrew Orr, affectionately known as "Visor Buddy," embarked on a college journey that led him 6 hours away to Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. The countless hours spent traveling to and from Tallahassee, visiting friends and family, became the breeding ground for the inception of Visor Buddy.

**Redefining Road Safety**
They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and it couldn't be truer in this case. Andrew's regular drives, both northwest at dusk and southeast at dawn, often left him blinded by the sun's glare. No amount of adjustment to his car's visors could resolve the issue because these visors had significant gaps that allowed the sun's blinding rays to pass through. It was not just unnerving; it was downright unsafe. Andrew couldn't fathom why auto manufacturers seemed to overlook the importance of driver visibility.

**From Wonder to Invention**
His frustration evolved into curiosity, which in turn drove his passion for invention. Andrew's response to the problem posed by standard car sun visors was to create Visor Buddy. These visors couldn't be manually adjusted to cover the troublesome gaps through which the sun's rays penetrated. Even today, many cars lack modern visors capable of efficiently covering these gaps.

**A Modest Solution to a Significant Issue**
Today, Visor Buddy is a growing brand in the sun glare industry, offering six sun glare products that are either already on the market or in development. Renowned for quality and affordability, Visor Buddy is committed to producing premium products at an accessible price point. The philosophy guiding the brand is clear: it's better to create dependable and affordable products accessible to all, akin to a BMW, rather than unattainable luxury, like a Rolls Royce. Balancing durability and affordability is paramount.

**A Mission to Save Lives**
This philosophy allows Visor Buddy to save lives while ensuring the sustainability of its business. Studies demonstrate an 18% reduction in accident risk when sun glare is mitigated while driving.

**A Man on a Mission**
Visor Buddy products are dedicated to enhancing road safety in motor vehicles. Andrew's goal is to create lasting, affordable products that empower everyday drivers to establish a safer driving environment for themselves and their loved ones.

Andrew now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his wife Angela, son Andrew Jr., and Chesapeake Retriever William.