What is the size of your Visor GAP?

Swing your driver sun visor all the way to it’s 90 degree position.  Measure the gap left between the visor and the door frame. That is visor GAP. 

Visor GAP that is - 0 inches is fine. That means your visor stretches in one way or another to meet the glare. Nothing else is needed. 

Visor GAP that is < 5 inches means you could use a SMALL/MIDSIZE vehicle edition of our best-selling Visor Buddy. Just clip it on and pull the shield to immediately block the sun glare. Swing the device along with the visor to block stubborn glare that is more to the right.  

Visor GAP that is > 5 inches means you could use a soon-to-be-released LARGE vehicle edition of the  Visor Buddy. This edition sports a 10’ slide which you do not need in front (because you can swing the device along the visor’s swing plane to meet the glare) but you need it on the wide side windows. 

You can buy the SMALL/MIDSIZE edition here; https://visorbuddy.net/products/visor-buddy

You can PRE-ORDER the LARGE edition here(expected by January 2023):

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