Visor Buddy Product Evolution

We began 11 months ago offering the flagship Visor Buddy device as a smarter visor extender. That was version 1.0. 

Perfection is a worthy goal but unrealistic because true perfection is never reached. Look at computers for example. Imagine how they improve with every update and new release. Similarly, Visor Buddy will innovate and already has demonstrated this with release of Version 2.0. 

Version 2.0 saw a tightening of the clip, a lengthening of the slide through the addition of the LARGE product and re-naming of the original flagship product to the SMALL edition. So now we have the SMALL and a LARGE editions of Visor Buddy to choose from.  And both steel clips are much tighter. 

But I am already working on the next version of the devices. For example, I want to make it less easy for the unnecessary metal pieces falling out of the LARGE device when it is hyper-extended. I want to eliminate the screws and one of the pieces of the ASA plastic used. less 

So innovation will go on. i hope to have 10 versions of Visor Buddy one day, just like a Windows computer. With each successive version being an improvement on the last. 

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