Visor Buddy LARGE Edition is (finally) here!

Due to customer feedback and further research we developed a slightly larger Visor Buddy (5x5 instead of 4x4) and also increased the length of the pullout slide to 10 inches. I have been using it and really like the added flexibility of the ten inches.

Larger gaps in visor coverage will create the need for this larger Visor Buddy.  Generally-speaking, if your visor gap is less than 4 inches, the SMALL vversion is fine  If the visor gap is greater than 4 inches, I would but the LARGE  

In fact, I just returned from a car show in Carlisle PA and used my LARGE Visor Buddy quite a bit.  Lots of sun glare during that 15 hour drive. 

The LARGE Visor Buddy is priced at $24.99 with free shipping, its sturdy and just as great as it’s shorter brother the original Visor Buddy  

You may buy Visor Buddy on this site by clicking here:

or…Amazon sells them also right here:

Thank you for supporting Visor Buddy brand products!

Andrew Orr, inventor


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