VERSION 2.0 - tighter clips, longer slides, and a larger edition!

Now, for SMALL/MIDSIZE vehicles— VERSION 2.0!
We tightened the clip so it grips your visor stronger.

Two Versions to choose from:
The SMALL/MIDSIZE edition is good for smaller vehicles and compact vehicles. It also fits many midsize vehicles, such as the inventor’s car which is a Lincoln MKZ, a midsize sedan. So, the smaller may work for you and offers the smallest footprint.

The LARGE vehicle edition should be here in March. We have experienced some delays in manufacturing. With the LARGE version, a much longer (10”) pullout slide and a tighter clip has been integrated and this edition also boasts a 25% larger size overall. The LARGE edition is for vehicles with wider side windows and bigger front windshields and that have standard visors that don’t cover all the gaps. Typically this means large SUVs, bigger trucks, Jeeps and Broncos.

TO ORDER: VERSION 2.0 - SMALL vehicle edition;
Amazon listing
(Currently unavailable awaiting inventory that was recently sent in to Amazon, so just one to three weeks from now and there should be over 500 available. Until Amazon replenishes inventory, and to buy one now, you can order directly on instead).


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