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Ever found yourself squinting in discomfort or adjusting your sunglasses while driving due to the intense sun glare? A solution to this perennial driving problem is a highly effective car accessory - the humble sun visor. But, where do you turn to when you need to improve this essential vehicular item? If you've ever pondered over the question "how to fix a car sun visor", you're at the right place.

Most of the problems needing fixing stem from the annoying sun glare that enters through gaps in your visor coverage. As sun glare experts at Visor Buddy, we are deeply familiar with the woes of sunlight intrusion. Any gap, however trivial, between your visor and the door frame can disrupt your driving vision. We understand this and that's why we proudly offer products specifically designed for this scenario, to negate sun glare while driving, irrespective of the gap size at the sides of your vehicle's visor.

Must-know Info:

  • AutoZone: Provides a versatile range of sun visors, you can get a suitable one at the right price for your vehicle.
  • Amazon: An unbeatable roster of sun visors from various brands with detailed customer reviews for each product.
  • Walmart: An extremely accessible platform where you can get affordable sun visors.
  • Etsy: For those seeking unique and hand-crafted sun visor options.
  • Visor Buddy: Your go-to site for effective and specialized sun glare solutions, including sun visor extenders for all vehicle types and gap sizes.

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Understanding Sun Visor Extenders

Before diving into where to buy car sun visor extenders, understand what a sun visor extender is, how it works, and why it's important for your vehicle.

What is a Sun Visor Extender?

A sun visor extender is a small device that extends the sun visor in your vehicle. It's usually made of plastic or metal and attaches to the sun visor of your car. The sun visor extender is then pulled, enabling it to block sunlight from entering through the gaps in the visor.

How Does a Sun Visor Extender Work?

The sun visor extender works by providing a secure clamping to the sun visor in some manner. When you want to use the sun visor, you simply unclip it from the sun visor clip and adjust both the sun visor and the extender to the desired position to block sunlight. Once you're done, you can clip the visor with it’s extender back into the sun visor clip to keep it securely in place.

Why is a Sun Visor Extender Important for Your Vehicle?

Sun visor extenders play a crucial role in maintaining your visibility while driving. First, the vehicle’s visor clips hold the sun visor in place, allowing you to adjust it as needed to block sunlight from entering your vehicle. But gaps usually exist. Without a functional sun visor extender, the sun visor may fully work, making it difficult to block sunlight effectively. This can lead to sun glare, which can temporarily blind you while driving and increase the risk of accidents.

At Visor Buddy, we offer a variety of sun visor extenders and other products designed to effectively manage and combat sun glare, many of them polarized. Our products are available in different sizes to accommodate the varying gap sizes between the visor and vehicle of different vehicle types. We take pride in providing specialized and effective sun glare solutions to ensure your driving safety. Visit our online store to explore our range of sun visor extenders and other sun glare solutions.

How to Choose the Right Sun Visor Extender for Your Vehicle

Choosing the right sun visor extender for your vehicle is a significant step towards ensuring your comfort and safety while driving. Here are some factors to consider when you're deciding where to buy car sun visor extenders.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Sun Visor Extender

1. Vehicle Compatibility: Not all sun visor extenders are universal. Ensure that the one you choose is compatible with your vehicle's make and model.

2. Size and Style: Sun visor extenders come in different sizes and styles. Consider the gap size between your visor and door frame when choosing one. At Visor Buddy, for instance, we offer visor extenders in several sizes and colors such as black and tan. To choose the right size for your vehicle, just measure the length of your existing vehicle visor. Visor Buddy Original Edition is universal in size and comes in two colors, black or tan. This edition takes care of gaps that occur in the ‘sides’ of your visor. Visor Buddy SHORTY and BIG RIG Editions come in 3 sizes ranging from 14” to 26”.  These extenders take care of sun glare ‘beneath’ the visor.

3. Durability: The extender should be sturdy and able to withstand regular use. Look for ones made from high-quality materials, like metal instead of plastic, ensuring longevity.

4. Installation: Rarely do sun visor extenders require professional installation, most can be installed with basic tools. 

Different Sizes and Styles of Sun Visor Extenders

Sun visor extenders come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit different vehicle types and individual preferences. Some are designed to be sleek and unobtrusive, while others are larger and more noticeable.

At Visor Buddy, we offer extenders equipped with a retractable shield that effectively blocks sunlight. We also have polarized extenders that protect your eyes as you look through them towards otherwise blinding sun glare. 

How to Install a Sun Visor Extender in Your Vehicle

Installing a sun visor extender in your vehicle is a straightforward process.

    Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results. When installing a Visor Buddy extender, you can refer to our detailed installation guide for easy step-by-step instructions.

    Choosing the right sun visor extender for your vehicle and correctly installing it can make a significant difference in your driving comfort and safety. No matter where you choose to buy your car sun visor extender, ensure it meets your specific vehicle requirements and personal preferences.

    Top Online Stores to Buy Sun Visor Extenders

    Looking for places on 'where to buy car sun visor extender’'? We've got you covered. Here are the top online stores to consider for your purchase.

    AutoZone: Variety and affordability

    AutoZone is a well-known name in the automotive parts industry. They offer a wide variety of sun visor clips (connect the sun visor to the vehicle) and extenders to suit different vehicle models. Their Sun Visor Clip selection is not only varied but also affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget.

    Amazon: Convenience and customer reviews

    Amazon is a global marketplace that offers a vast range of products, including sun visor extenders and visor clips. The advantage of buying from Amazon is the convenience of home delivery and the ability to read customer reviews before making a purchase decision. Simply search for 'car sun visor extender' to explore the wide selection available.

    Walmart: Accessibility and price range

    Walmart offers a broad range of automotive products, including sun visor extenderrs, both in-store and online. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly options or more premium products, Walmart's expansive selection caters to various price ranges. Check out their visor selection to find the ideal fit for your vehicle.

    Etsy: Unique and handmade options

    If you're in search of unique or handmade sun visor accessories, Etsy is the place to shop. It's a marketplace for creative goods, offering a variety of unique and custom-made sun visor extenders. Shopping on Etsy supports small businesses and independent creators, which is an added bonus.

    Visor Buddy: Specialized and effective sun glare solutions

    Last but definitely not least, we at Visor Buddy offer a range of sun visor extenders specifically designed to combat sun glare effectively. Our products are crafted to fit different gap sizes and vehicle models. From our Visor Buddy Original Edition for very side visor gaps to our polarized 26” Big Rig Edition for truckers, we've got a solution for everyone. Our sun visor products are not just functional, but also affordable and easy to install.

    The choice of where to buy your car sun visor extender should depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Make sure to check out the offerings at each of these stores to find the perfect match for your vehicle.


    As we've discussed, sun visor extenders are a small but crucial component of your vehicle. They play an essential role in managing sun glare, improving visibility, and ensuring your overall driving experience is safe and comfortable. Knowing where to buy car sun visor clip, such as AutoZone, Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy, can help you find the right product that fits your vehicle and meets your needs.

    However, if you're after a specialized solution designed to effectively combat sun glare, look no further than Visor Buddy. As experts in sun glare management, we provide a variety of visor extenders that are tailor-made to fit your vehicle, whether you have a small or large gap between your visor and vehicle. Our products are high quality, easy to install, and most importantly, designed to make your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

    Always remember that the right sun visor extender for your vehicle is the one that fits well and extends your visor so sun glare is blocked or filtered by a polarized lens. It should be sturdy, easy to install, and effective in blocking sunlight. Don't compromise on safety and comfort when choosing a sun visor extender for your car.

    Thank you for reading our guide. We hope it has provided you with valuable information on sun visor extenders and where to buy them. For more insights and information on managing sun glare and improving your driving experience, check out our blog or reach out to our customer support. Drive safe!

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