New Polarized Sunglasses!

Pleased to announce that I added polarized sunglasses to our product mix. Polarization is the main feature in my Visor Buddy Shorty product. Polarization filters out all the junk like UVa and UVb rays. Its like sending your eyes to the spa.

These are great actually. Basically 1/3 the cost of quality polarized sunglasses (like Ray Bans, etc.). These all average about $45 net of our exclusive discount. And the quality and styles are very similar to higher-end sunglasses that are polarized.

Use discount coe: “Visor_Buddy15” for 50% off your first pair.

Company is GG Optix.

The construction is really nice. Metal hinges instead of plastic. The one I wear has steel support within the frame. Designed & Assembled in the USA. For fifty bucks? Try buying polarized Ray Bans for $50.

These will be especially useful if you use them while driving. Makes driving safer because it is pretty good with sun glare. Makes it much more bearable.

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