Conquer the Glare with Visor Buddy - Your Ultimate Sun Visor Extender

Drive safer, smarter, and glare-free with Visor Buddy, the clip-on extender for your vehicle's sun visor.

When the Sun Gets in Your Eyes, We've Got You Covered

Sun glare causes approximately 9000 accidents every year, according to the NTSB. Although all vehicles come with sun visors, they often fail to provide complete coverage, leaving you exposed to harmful and distracting sunlight. With Visor Buddy, you can finally conquer those annoying gaps and drive with confidence.

Visor Buddy - The Perfect Companion for Every Driver

Whether you're a trucker clocking long hours on the road or a daily commuter, Visor Buddy is designed to make your journey safer and more comfortable. Engineered with sturdy metal screws and a compact 4” x 4” base, Visor Buddy is as reliable as it is convenient.

Designed in the USA - Made for the World

Our promise is quality you can trust, with comprehensive customer support available 24/7. Plus, you'll enjoy free domestic shipping and a money-back guarantee because we stand behind our product.

Expose the Gaps - Block the Sun

Our product excels in blocking the sun from the front and side gaps while driving. Simply clip Visor Buddy onto the visor and pull its shield to block the sun. For added protection beneath the visor, check out our polarized extender products.

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"Visor Buddy has made my morning commutes so much easier. No more squinting from the sun’s glare. I highly recommend it!" - R. Noddingham

"Driving truck routes all day, the sun can be brutal. But with Visor Buddy, I don’t have to worry about the sun glare anymore." - M. Tochen

Ready to Enhance Your Drive?

Say goodbye to sun glare and hello to safer drives. Get your Visor Buddy today - the ultimate sunshade solution for every driver.

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