Frequently-asked Questions

What is it made of?

High quality automotive-grade ASA plastic. 6 metal screws. Steel clip.  No adhesive. No velcro  


How does this compare to the competition? 

Others like to make their much larger footprint products with low quality plastic, they are super thin and brittle, prone to melting in hot cars, rely on adhesive to keep it together, and they tend to be very dark and excessively-large.


Is there more than one size? 

Yes, the SMALL/MIDSIZE vehicle edition is currently available for $19.99 with free shipping.
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The LARGE vehicle edition can be pre-ordered and is expected by 1/1/23.
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How heavy is it? 



How do I use Visor Buddy? 
Just clip it on to your visor, pull the shield and swing the visor (if needed) to block the glare no matter where it is.


Is there a patent and trademark? 
Yes, both applied for.


Does the slide pull out smoothly? 


How is Visor Buddy attached to the visor? 
A strong steel clip. On the small/midsize edition, we put a small gap between the clip and Visor Buddy to make it easier to move around if needed. If visor is loose due to visor being thin, just shim clip with something like a pack of kleenex or something similar.


Is this a visor extension or visor replacement? 
Visor Buddy is a visor extender.  It does not replace your visor. Besides, your visor is part of the car or truck. It works perfectly fine.  It just needs some help. It needs an extension not a replacement.  A replacement is what our competitors are trying to accomplish. They fully take over the visor. They wrap around it semi-permanently with velcro. And most of them are not very attractive.  In many cases, it is quite a lot less attractive than what was there before you strapped these humongous products onto the visor.


How is visor buddy different than other visor extenders? 
It is both made with better materials, durable materials, and it is more compact.  It is a visor extender on the market that uses the geometry of the existing visor swing plane to block sun glare. Finally, it is more maneuverable and can easily and quickly be stowed away if you don’t want it always attached to the visor.


Has there been any studies on the effect of sun glare while driving?

Yes.  Several studies. Most conclude that sun glare is a real cause of accidents. One even says more accidents from bright sunshine occur when driving conditions are normal. In short, sun glare needs to be mitigated and blocked to enhance car safety and that is what Visor Buddy does.


What if the clip is loose on my thin visor?  
Visors come in all sizes. Some skinny visors will result in a looser clip. No worries though. Just ‘shim’ the clip with something like a pack of napkins or a matchbook.


I’m short, so what can i do to get coverage from the sun on the bottom of the visor?  
Just maneuver Visor Buddy with your hand to the bottom side of the visor and pull the shield. Done.


How does geometry work to my advantage to keep Visor Buddy small? 
Your sun visor ‘swings’ on a 90 degree swing plane. When you attach Visor Buddy to your visor and pull it’s shield, see if the glare is blocked. If not (because the sun glare is more to the right) just pull the visor towards you and ‘swing’ visor buddy along with it’s visor on it’s swing plane. You will see that Visor Buddy adds to the angle of coverage and you should now be able to block the glare.


Do I need a long 10 inch slide when confronting sun glare in front of me? 
In general, no. Geometry allows you to swing the smaller 4.5” shield along with the visor an the frontal sun glare can be blocked.  A long 10” pullout slide is needed for larger vehicles for the driver’s side window, usually not the front. A smaller slide suffices because, in front, you can swing Visor Buddy with the visor to meet the angles and block the glare. This is coming very soon (1/23).


The Visor Buddy LARGE edition is coming very soon(1/23). How can I tell if I need a SMALL/MIDSIZE edition or the LARGE vehicle edition?
In general, large vehicle sizes should get the large edition (which is set to be here by 1/23). These would be the sizes of Broncos, Jeeps, trucks, and large SUVs. Small/Midsize vehicles should get the smaller edition.  These would be midsize sedans and cars the sizes as Hondas, and Toyotas.  If you wish to be completely sure, you can measure driver’s side window from left to right.  Then measure the visor’s length from left to right. Subtract visor length from window length. If difference is 4.5 inches or less, buy the smaller Visor Buddy. If it’s greater than 4.5 inches, buy the larger Visor Buddy.


Can Visor Buddy be easily maneuvered with just one hand? 


Can I easily stow away the device in my glove box quickly and without any hassle?


Will I be able to easily and quickly remove and attach/detach the device to/from the visor? 


Is there any velcro?
No. Visor Buddy uses a strong steel clip.


Can I leave visor buddy attached to the visor when not in use? 


Why was visor buddy invented and who invented it? 
Necessity. The inventor wondered for years why automobile manufacturers were seemingly torturing his eyes (he has glaucoma as it is).  “Why”, he wondered, “can’t all visors stretch in any direction to .,M8meet the glare?” Undaunted, he created Visor Buddy for himself and others who drive vehicles that have visors that don’t stretch in every direction.


Are there multiple colors available? 
Not yet,