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Just some other shots of Visor Buddy next to three of it’s competitors. Visor Buddy not only offers a much smaller device for which to block sun glare compared to these three devices, it is a lot more attractive.

It also takes far less real estate from your existing sun visor. These competing devices cover your mirror also, which is not good if you enjoy having a mirror on your driver’s side visor.  

And the long pullout shield of these devices necessitate an excessively-long device that takes over your entire visor. This also means wasted plastic or at least too-much plastic is needed. Which is why these competitor devices are so thin  They seem to try and come up with the thinnest designs possible.  The trouble with this, of course, is that heat could melt the plastic and it can crack more easily the thinner it is  

However, using geometry and the 90 degree angle of the existing sun visor, it is possible to block the same amount of sun glare from entering the eyes, which is the goal of course.  So the device can be much smaller.  A smaller device can be made more durable and avoid being made too thinly as well.  And it doesn’t overcrowd the visor while being able to fit on a lot more visors(small and large…skinny and thick) due to it’s small size .

Visor Buddy competition

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